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О нас

Our values


We create our products in Estonia in environmentally friendly conditions from high quality raw materials.

The production process uses certified Green Energy - electricity used from 100% renewable sources (hydropower, wind energy, solar panels)

NUPPI® products are designed in accordance with EU regulations.

In the production and sale of products, we comply with all WHO recommendations.

The company operates strict quality control from raw materials purchased in Europe to the finished product in accordance with the latest international standards and legislative requirements in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius and HACCP.

Manufacturing is ISO certified.

We care about our future - children's health!



AS Solbritt is a specialized company for the production of dry milk products for baby food. Using many years of experience in the production of a wide range of dairy products, AS Solbritt produces an adapted infant formula for healthy children under its own brand NUPPI® , as well as for children with special nutritional needs, from birth to three years.

AS Solbritt is located in the small town of Rapla, 50 kilometers from Tallinn, among picturesque fields and forests. In addition to the Solbritt dairy plant, the city does not have any industrial production facilities - this ensures that Solbritt JSC products are environmentally friendly, ideally suited for the production of baby food. The capacity of the Solbritt dairy plant is designed to process 300-400 tons of fresh milk per day, which to this day - as in the 1930s - is purchased exclusively from local farmers.

Applying the latest scientific developments and technological advances, purchasing high-quality ingredients from EU countries, including milk from Estonian farms, AS Solbritt produces products for the most demanding and sensitive consumers.

Mixture quality and safety


Healthy childhood and full development of the baby directly depends on the quality of food, especially in the first months of life. Breast milk is by far the best nutrition for babies - both nutritional value and composition. Therefore, if there is a need to choose infant formula (breast milk substitute), then the quality of the product plays the most important role.

International standards

The products of Solbritt JSC undergo quality control at all stages.

Stage 1 : selection of fresh milk from local, Estonian farms.

Stage 2 : processing of raw materials using high-tech modern production

Stage 3: laboratory tests that confirm the ideal composition and quality of the finished product.

European standards

Fresh milk is produced on certified farms in accordance with EU regulations. The quality management system is certified by DNV according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Russian standards

The products of the Rapla Dairy Plant (Nutrilak dry milk formulas) are approved by the Union of Pediatricians of Russia and the Scientific Center for Children's Health at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. JSC "Solbritt" continues the tradition of quality in new developments, attracting renowned pediatricians and specialists in the field of baby food to cooperation.

Green energy

The cleanliness and impeccable quality of baby food products are directly related to the environment. AO "Solbritt" uses in production "green" electricity, obtained from 100% renewable sources (wind, water, solar panels).

Thus, by protecting the environment, we make production possible.




Производитель: Solbritt AS 79514, Viljandi mnt 91e, Rapla, Estonia, EU тел./факс: +372 489 0400 www.solbritt.ee info@solbritt.ee Горячая линия: 8 (800) 775 59 02 hotline@nuppi.eu

Торговое представительство производителя NUPPI.

тел.: +7 /499/ 372-13-70



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